Some videos

I’ve taken a few videos at points over our travels. They now have a home on the web so I will share them with you. Click on the video name to view each video. In chronological order:

Gannets flying – I know you all didn’t get enough of the gannets with the crazy number of pictures, get your gannet fix with this video.

Pylons – Some telephone pylons taken on a train ride down in Dunedin on NZ’s south island.

Cute Japanese toys – My personal favourite, these toys are endearingly cute. We saw them in a toy shop in Hiroshima after having spent the morning learning about the dropping of the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, it was a good way to cheer ourselves up.

5 thoughts on “Some videos”

  1. I like the cute Japanese toys best it must be a girl thing. Love Autie Janet

  2. Hmmm, I don’t quite recall making that comment attributed to me… Me thinks a Mr A.R.Wright of Sheffield is the main suspect here. Or it could be that Mr Wright forgot to log out as me when fixing the blog perchance?!

  3. Hey Bro + Viv

    Love the videos. Especially the cheery japanese toys, the music makes all the difference.

    Finland just won the Eurovision song concert with a Death metal song. No, I’m not kidding. It was great. I was watching it with some friends after a BBQ (never mind the pouring rain today) and we were cheering everytime Finland got points. The other great song was Lithuania whose song sounded like a footie chant and the lyrics were basically ‘We are the winners of the Eurovision contest’. Great viewing, complete with snarky comments by the fabulous Mr Wogan.

  4. Like the vids – although one that came up on the ‘similar’ videos was also brilliant. it was one of a flying lawnmower. Hmmm….

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