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An update at last

Hello all!

Nice to see you all debating amongst yourselves. The Silver bullet has not (yet!) broken down although John has taken to covering the curtains in velcro. At least they close properly now! The downside is that the stuff keeps getting stuck in my hair.

We’re currently in Kaitaia and have just spent three nights with John’s cousin Fiona and her fella Kane. It was total luxury: real washing machines, shower and fried breakfast. We’re happy souls and have been very well looked after. John has just had all of his hair shaved off (on his head I mean). Was tempted to do the same ;).

Anyway, in the last few days we’ve managed to do quite a lot of interesting things. It’s true that we did bump into Mark and Martin and hope to meet up with them later in the trip! Small world eh? After we left Auckland we went across to the West coast and a place called Murawi beach. It has lots and lots of very tame Gannets! Yay! They were all full of character, doing a cute beak rubbing thing to greet their mate. There were some other interesting interactions too!

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That evening we seemed to find a quiet camping spot. The Silver bullet has sky lights so you can see the stars! Well cool! As soon as dawn broke the place was over-run by Cockerels. One of them had a high pitched weak crow. Sounded a bit like David Beckham. At 7 am we realised we were parked in the middle of a horse tethering area for a riding school. Totally surrounded. Time to move.

Later we paid the Gannets another visit and went off on a walk. We came across some nesting Terns that dive bombed us and had some really impressive aerial battles with each other.

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After that we headed north and found another nice place to camp by Pakiri beach. It was a little scary when you went to the loo in the night. Our torch isn’t all that good and there were Cows strolling around. You could hear really loud moos but not know where on earth they were!

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The next day we had a good lazy day at the beach. Got told off by a few bossy shore birds but it was pretty relaxing apart from that. Our evenings in the campervan are spent listening to music (always a debate as to who’s turn it is to select it… My turn next he he!) and drinking cheap wine. The cheap wine here is still really nice, it’s not like some of that nasty cheap stuff you can get back home.

Next we decided to spend a few days in Waipoua forest. It was more like a jungle than a forest. Well cool! The evenings were a bit mozzie infested though and there were some evil little biting beetles. Mozzie death squad before bed time. John is very good at it. I have killed four so far……

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We did a little walking around the next day and looked at some of the huge Kauri trees, very big but not quite as big as the Redwoods in the states. Also went for a nice walk around the Kai Iwi lakes. Very gorg, apart from one that was totally dead. You will have to see the photos to get what I mean (to follow when we can get them uploaded).

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Next it was up to Kaitaia and Fiona’s. Fiona has a bonkers collie called Guiness. We have never met a dog so obsessed with sticks. He even climbs bushes trying to retrieve them. If you are trying to hang washing out he puts the stick in the washing basket for you to throw. When the doors are shut he puts the stick through the cat flap! Ha ha!

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We’ve been to a couple of nice beaches around here and been wine tasting! Tops. Although the bad news it that we got a parking ticket this morning for having the van parked facing the wrong direction! We didn’t even know that was the rule. It isn’t mentioned in the highway code booklet we got. That’s seriously anal! Going off down to the Bay of Islands this afternoon. All good.

Viv & John

P.S. We’ve uploaded loads of photos – check out our photo sites – links on the right hand menu.

We made it to Auckland!

Hello all!

We’ve finally left the UK! The 30 hour flight was a bit of a killer, was sure my knees would explode. We did manage to catch the most excellent new Wallace and Gromit movie which I would recommend you all to see. It has some very clever touches and had about half the flight laughing.

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Anyway, we made it to Auckland and will spend the first couple of nights in a basic hotel until we’ve managed to find some wheels. John is looking up some very amusing vehicles as I write! We’ve also actually now read our New Zealand guide book and got very excited indeed. John fancies a bungee jump (no thanks). Looking forward to becoming aquinted with a few geysers and volcanoes, going down a cool cave with glow worms (yipee) and other outdoor activities. Can’t wait to see more Gannets, my sisters will tell you that I got a little over excited last time I saw one! It will also be nice to see some of John’s family and have an unusal christmas in the warm weather.

But for now we’re still in Auckland. It isn’t particularly inspiring but has some impressive volcanoes and islands around it.

Will update you all with the latest capers as they happen.

Bye for now

Viv & John

We’ve gone even further now!

Yes, we’ve made it down to a very snow filled coaley. Feeling very weird that the flight will be on us in no time at all. Clarence the plastic dinosaur( kindly given to me by becky) has braved the interest of two cats so far and almost been eaten by Josh the dog. What an adventure for him. Wonder what he will make of flying? Well, I suppose he was made in china (perhaps he was shipped over?) – maybe he has some travel advice for us……

Anyway, thanks to the Hobson parents for their hospitality.

Bye for now!


We’ve gone now!

Ay up all,

The first Leg of our trip is under way! We’ve travelled an entire 10 miles to Killamarsh, escaping the blizards of Sheffield. Tonight we are formally of no fixed abode and we’re staying with the sev parents. It feels rather strange. Our entire lives in two bags. We are still living a life of comfort now, getting cooked for and helpling ourselves to a parent sized stash of booze and other goodies. Although John has already escaped a snog attempt by my Gran so I think the life of getting into scrapes has certainly begun for him.

Will miss everyone so please add your sarcastic and even non sarcartic comments onto this blog! Would love to know all goss including bad things about work because it makes me feel glad that i’ve escaped.

Sev 😉