Sailing the Whitsundays

We have just got back from a pleasant couple of days sailing the Whitsunday Islands aboard the ‘Ron of Argyll’. Unfortunately the weather was not with us and we ended up with 3 overcast days which meant that snorkelling could either not be attempted or was not the best. However we did have one excellent snorkel on a patch of the great barrier reef with a great variety of coral and an even greater variety of fish. We were in the water for about half an hour and just kept spotting new fish that we hadn’t seen before even towards the end of that time. The fish have such vivid and irridescant colours, it’s a really beautiful scene. Some of the fish were very inquisitive and would come to check you out, one fish looked a bit evil and had sharp teeth which unnerved me when it approached. Viv got bitten by a fish too when she was feeding them bread, it mistook her finger for the bread!

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That snorkel was defintely the highlight in what was otherwise a slightly dissapointing experience. The boat was too crowded and the others on the trip, while all pleasant enough, were not anyone that we shared much of a rapport with. We also both found that we do get a bit sea sick so the times when we were sailing for a while weren’t the most pleasant as we spent the time lying down feeling queasy. It was nice to get back on solid ground again.

Finally, congratulations to Viv’s sister Jane who has just had a baby boy, here’s hoping he doesn’t grow up to be a spurs fan like his father!







6 responses to “Sailing the Whitsundays”

  1. Darren avatar

    Great blog! Love reading your travel stories. I’ve featured it on as my blog of the ‘day’ Enjoy! Darren

  2. James Trotta avatar

    I found your blog through Darren’s! It’s too bad that you only had the one good snorkel on the Brrier Reef, but that’s more than a lot of people get! And I agree that yours is a great blog. When i stop being too lazy to start a blog of the day section I’ll blog about you on

  3. Darren avatar

    I went snorkling at the Great Barrier reef in 2004 and it was awesome, I was lucky enough to go on a boat with only a small number of people, so we got a few snorkles out of the day trip. I stopped in Port Douglas and Cairns, and I want to go back there!

  4. J-Hob avatar

    Thanks for featuring us on your website, we feel all famous now!

    We’re heading up to Mission beach next and planning a trip to the outer reef from there where we’ll hopefully get to snorkel again.

  5. Kat avatar

    Congrats Jane! And Andy. Jane obviously put more effort in to the baby’s arrival so she gets first mention.

  6. Andy (proud dad) avatar

    Just wanted to thank Viv and John for the Champagne that we got this morning! We tried to ring you earlier, but got voicemail so will ring later on Skype.

    If anyone wants to see the little nipper, I’ve set up a quicky site here:

    Only just registered this, so the domain name may not have fully resolved, but should be okay in around 24 hours (it’s working for me now).

    Finlay is now getting through nappies at the rate of around 9 per day and just did his first ‘smelly’ poo (he’s been doing poos all the time, but he’s now worked out the smelly bit).

    Really enjoying being a dad, and I’ve never seen Jane so happy. Best week of my life 🙂

    Speak to you soon

    Love Jane and Andy XXX