Australia round up

I know you’re all wondering what we’re up to in Japan but we have a few loose ends to fix up for Australia first.

Here goes then:


It was worth going to Australia to experience the wildlife, even if we did have to endure some other things we didn’t like. Here’s a list of wildlife that got me really giddy:

Green Tree Ants – These little fellas are ace! They’re quite cute too. I liked them because they made really cool nests out of leaves. You could tap the edge and they would all come out to investigate. Unlike other ants they don’t seem to bite you just for the sake of it. They spend a lot of time wandering around aimlessly in circles (my kind of ant!) You can make them jump too and they suddenly become all alert and start looking around. My favourite Austailian creature without a doubt.

Flying foxes/fruit bats – Seriously fantastic large, noisy and messy. They are quite a sight and fling fruit stones at amazing velocities. Brilliant.

Sneaky the Croc – I LOVE SNEAKY THE CROC!

Froggies! – Loads of tree frogs, pretty tame too.

We also liked:

Cute little pademelons (tiny wallabies)
Kookaboras (Noisy and funny)
Really interesting insects (like the leafy Katydid which just looks like a leaf and the Rhino beetles)
Monitor lizards (The carpet carriers of the lizard world, when they basked in the sun they flattened their legs like a spaniel would)
Lots of snakes.

There were also wildlife experiences to note. We enjoyed camping in our little tent. It took a bit of getting used to with all of the strange noises. The Kookaboras sound like evil little goblins, tawney frog mouths (a little like owls) sound like darth vadar when they hang around your tent. Actually we only experienced this once, maybe our frog mouth was asthmatic…. Dingos howling and possums trying to break into the tent were other experiences.

Another thing to note is the number of things that can kill you. There are jelly fish that can leave you deceased so you have to wear a stinger suit. In southern queensland the water is too shark infested to swim in at all. There are 20 species of poisonous snake that could kill you and two deadly venamous spiders. On top of all of that we got leeches on our legs on one rainforest trip, not deadly but pretty unpleasant. It all adds up to make you a little nervous.


Amazing rainforests protected by mangrove forests. Fire dependant Eucalypt forests. They all varied to an increadible degree between sites. I’m sure that those of you who’ve seen my flickr site recently will be worried about being bored to tears by me spouting off about a load of plants. I’ll leave it at that but they were fascinating.


This is where we risk repeating the rants. I’ll keep it brief.

The wrong kind of tourists

Bloody bratpackers! In truth we only really met one fellow traveller that was really on our wavelength and that was Jonas from Amsterdam. He was a bit nearer our age and was capable of intelligent conversation about interesting and important things. He was a good laugh and liked to drink too, (bonus Jonas!)


There are some amazing natural treasures in Australia including some huge Lava tube formations. We couldn’t afford to go and see them because of the above reasons. I think it would have cost us about £200 each just for a day. I feel sorry for Australian children from less well off families who don’t have the funds to see some of the things that they should have right of access to as far as i’m concerned. The Lava tubes are privately owned and visitors are exploited.

Last but not least. The beer was crap.

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  1. J-Hob avatar

    The tropical fish and coral in the great barrier reef were also really cool, that hour spent snorkelling was one of the best times that I had in Australia.

    There are so many places up and down the Queensland coast that you can tell were once beautiful but are now over-developed, and often unsympathetically so, to cater for mass tourism. This is a real shame as I feel it has stripped this part of Australia of much of it’s character.

    Maryborough was another highlight for me. A town that has been lovingly preserved and is the antithesis of the pretentiousness found on coast. It’s a place that knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything more. It is inhabited by genuinely friendly Aussies and was a great place to chill out for a few days.

    Also worth mentioning that on our last day at Mission beach we went for a great walk to a lovely secluded beach (a mile long all to ourselves!), it was free of mozzies and we fell asleep in the shade of mangroves, bliss.

    On our last night in Cairns we went to a great little bar called the Green Ant which had a great vibe, suberb and very cheap food (best chips we’ve yet had on our travels) and a decent DJ on too. Big up the green ant!