Author: Sev

  • Final Round Up – Get the tissues out

    Unless John suddenly comes up with something inspirational this will be the last post for this blog. It feels really strange just writing that. The end of an era. Time has gone fast and yet slow at the same time since we arrived back. So much has been going on! It’s been lovely to catch […]

  • About to go back in the bush, minus a phone

    Yes guys i’m afraid our Madagascar mobile phone has been stolen so nobody can call us for the time being. John still has his British phone for texts but we’re not sure how he’s going to keep it charged as our only charger was also taken. Ah well, these things happen, we’ll see if we […]

  • Thank You Again!

    This is just a quickie to say thank you so much to all of you who have donated so far and especially the people who have kindly helped us to raise money. So far our joint efforts have raised an incredible 1484 pounds. With the Jiv donation that makes it 2484 so we’re not far […]

  • Poor Old Mozambique

    Hello All, We’re back in Maputo now and to the best Internet cafe we’ve found in Africa so far. This post is full of raw emotion as well as stuff that John and I have spent a lot of time philosophising about. Before I published it I considered toning it down and then changed my […]

  • Floods and roaches

    It sounds like something biblical doesn’t it? We’ll it’s not all that bad, quite entertaining when you look back! A lot has happened since we left gorgeous Cape Town. Our first stop on our way up the coast was Nature’s valley. It absolutely poured it down and we spent most of our time cowering under […]

  • Chilling complete, back to the travelling

    And we’re really looking forward to getting on with it again, we fly to Cape Town tomorrow to explore the southern reaches of Africa. We are both very excited indeed and it’s thanks to a couple of weeks chilling with Rightee that the travel magic’s back! Under our collective, Mary style, name of VAJ (Viv, […]

  • Thank you!!!

    Yes, I am officially reet old now! Reet reet old! My birthday was absolutely amazing and that’s a big thank you to loads of people for making it that way! The day was great, I wasn’t born until seven twenty in the evening and as we’re 6 hours ahead here I could have a great […]

  • Laos – Straight to the roundup

    Sorry guys, I did half write a post a couple of weeks ago but then managed to get a mystery illness and didn’t quite finish it. In truth the pair of us have had sensitive stomachs for our entire time in Laos. We put it down to the heavy handed use of spices. There’s nothing […]

  • Vietnam Round up

    No prizes for guessing that we really enjoyed it! We spent almost a month there and will be back like a shot if the opportunity presents itself in the future. The usual roundup’s been harder to write this time as there were so many good things it’s been difficult to group them. GOOD Hanoi and […]

  • Ho Chi Minh City (or is it Saigon?)

    It’s supposed to be HCMC but none of the locals actually use it and prefer Saigon. Ho Chi Minh was a hero of North Vietnam and it wouldn’t surprise me if the persistent use of the name ‘Saigon’ is part of the North-South divide that still clearly exists in Vietnam. Our guide from Cat Tien […]