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  • China round up

    Well we’ve certainly had some extreme views about this place. Here are our well considered notes after we got over the initial shock. GOOD Yes we have quite a few things. It’s bloody Cheap yay for that. Beer and food were unbelievably cheap. Full pints were 16p from a shop as were those gorgeous roasted […]

  • The runs caught up with us

    It was bound to happen sooner or later. It’s just a shame it chose the day we had a 9 hour land crossing from China to Vietnam. Maybe we said too many nice things about Chinese food and some balance needed to be restored. The cheap noodle soup we ate at lunch time sat awkwardly […]

  • Time out

    Greetings from Yangshou! We are just at the end of a relaxing few days in Yangshou where we have had a home-stay with a Chinese family who have made us feel very welcome. We’ve even learnt a bit more Chinese and helped out cooking our evening meal which was a very amusing experience with much […]

  • Down South

    Hello from South China! We’ve seen a good improvement in our experience of China since the last post. I’m sure you’ll all be glad to hear that and as Kat points out, at least we’re not at work. Fair enough. We had a delivery of 11th hour train tickets on Wednesday and so boarded our […]

  • Yum and Yuk

    Yum The food in China is divine. It always made me ill in Britain so I never touched it. Here it’s incredible and also extremely cheap. The good thing about that is you’re free to try things without worrying about wasting your money. Only once have I not liked something we’ve tried. We thought we […]

  • Abandon Ship!

    ‘The Captain has instructed that we must abandon ship’. Not really what you want to hear on any ferry. We were passed our life jackets and lead to the life boats. Both John and I were surprisingly calm. I was worried about us being split up, worried about a capsized ferry being on BBC news […]