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  • From coast to coast

    I’ll start this post by mentioning a little from our time in Mozambique a little under a month ago, if I can remember back that far that is. Well, here goes… Our main reason for going to Tofo beach was so that I could get a bit of diving in as this is one of […]

  • Poor Old Mozambique

    Hello All, We’re back in Maputo now and to the best Internet cafe we’ve found in Africa so far. This post is full of raw emotion as well as stuff that John and I have spent a lot of time philosophising about. Before I published it I considered toning it down and then changed my […]

  • Horny animals with big teeth

    Ey up all! It’s been a few weeks since Viv’s last post and about time for another update from the road… We didn’t do an awful lot in Durban, just chilled out and spent a bit of time on the internet, got a visa for Mozambique, got lost on a bus and ate a curry […]