Welcome to our blog!

This is the blog site for John & Viv’s round the world trip that we will be starting on 30th November when we board the plane to New Zealand. Our plans as to how long we stay travelling and where we go are fairly loose, we plan to buy single tickets as we go so that we can choose at the time where we plan to go next. We also plan to do some voluntary work as we go round, more than likely something environmentally and ecologically based.

As well as posts about what we’ve been doing/seeing we will also be uploading lots of photos from the places that we have visited.

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy reading about our trip. You can subscribe to recieve e-mail updates every time we put a new post here – just pop your email address into the e-mail notification box on the right.

I just like to add a final request to please send us lots of emails with news from home, you’d be surprised how interesting the seemingly mundane is when you’ve been away from home for a while!








2 responses to “Welcome to our blog!”

  1. Robert Hazelby avatar

    Hi guys!

    Just wanted to wish the both of you all the best for your 18 month skive from working life.

    Sorry I can’t be there for your sending-off party, but prior engagements (the Belly’s birthday for one) have unfortunately meant that it’s just not possible.

    Very excited to hear that New Zealand is first on your trip. Would be great if you could get some snaps of your relatives who stayed over at your place back in 1985 (I ‘think’ it was ’85. Could have been ’84).

    Looking forward to the updates. Don’t forget to include a lowdown of your farewell party here for those of us who can’t get there.

    Best wishes,


  2. George avatar

    Hey you both,

    Sorry we missed your leaving party too. Nice to see some pics – the homage photos – tho the Will as a girl was pretty scary – eek!

    Take care & keep blogging, I’m looking forward to seeing & reading about your trip,