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  • Final Round Up – Get the tissues out

    Unless John suddenly comes up with something inspirational this will be the last post for this blog. It feels really strange just writing that. The end of an era. Time has gone fast and yet slow at the same time since we arrived back. So much has been going on! It’s been lovely to catch […]

  • Wells, orphans and mosquitos

    Last Saturday we arrived back from our final bush trip at Ebakika where we dug a well, built a latrine for a school, built a tree nursery and did a talk at a couple of local schools about cleaning your teeth as well as handing out toothbrushes. This was the toughest trip of the three […]

  • A very brief post…

    The only internet cafe in town is down at the moment (and has been for the last 2 weeks apparently…) so I’m using an azafady office coputer so will have to be very brief as time is very limited. We arrived back from Sainte Luce yesterday where we successfully completed the house for the maternity […]

  • About to go back in the bush, minus a phone

    Yes guys i’m afraid our Madagascar mobile phone has been stolen so nobody can call us for the time being. John still has his British phone for texts but we’re not sure how he’s going to keep it charged as our only charger was also taken. Ah well, these things happen, we’ll see if we […]

  • Back from the bush

    Right, expect a brief and badly typed email with lots of typos and uncorrected spelling errors. Blame the french keyboard and wobbly monitor screen. Madagascar is going well for the both of us and the group is now gelling well and we’ve just come back from our first trip to the bush just up the […]

  • Quick post from Madagascar

    Salama! Going to keep this brief as dont have much time and this french keyboard makes it infuriatingly slow to type! We arrived last Thursday and are currently having lots of orientation lessons about the work of azafady and have spent two afternoons carry sods of earth to and fro. We have a Madagascqr mobile […]

  • Madagascar and fundraising bits and bobs

    Quick post just to let you know about a few bits and bobs prior to us jetting off for Madagascar. We don’t think we’ll be able to remain in as good contact while we’re there as we’ll be spending a large part of our time out in the bush and the internet is pretty rubbish […]

  • From coast to coast

    I’ll start this post by mentioning a little from our time in Mozambique a little under a month ago, if I can remember back that far that is. Well, here goes… Our main reason for going to Tofo beach was so that I could get a bit of diving in as this is one of […]

  • Thank You Again!

    This is just a quickie to say thank you so much to all of you who have donated so far and especially the people who have kindly helped us to raise money. So far our joint efforts have raised an incredible 1484 pounds. With the Jiv donation that makes it 2484 so we’re not far […]

  • Poor Old Mozambique

    Hello All, We’re back in Maputo now and to the best Internet cafe we’ve found in Africa so far. This post is full of raw emotion as well as stuff that John and I have spent a lot of time philosophising about. Before I published it I considered toning it down and then changed my […]