Farewell Sheffield

As Viv has already said we have now left Sheffield. It feels very strange to say that I am no longer a resident of Sheffield after 9 and a hlaf years there, even stranger still that I should find myself in Killamarsh: one of my old haunts and somewhere I thought that I would never revisit.

Feeling a bit frazzled too after a hectic few days. My week off work didn’t prove to be that relaxing with the amount of sorting out packing and socialising that had to be fitted in. This culminated in most of stuff going into a large wooden crate on Friday which felt a bit odd. We took the last of my stuff to Viv’s parents earlier today through a blizzard and I am now officially living out of a single rucksack!

Tomorrow we’re off down to Coaley to visit my parents and then Wednesday we leave the country never to return for a while – I feel very excited but also somewhat jittery at that prospect, not unexpectedly!

Thanks everyone who turned up to our leaving party last Sunday, I had a great night but it all went too quickly and I felt I had to spread my time a little thin amongst everyone who had come to see us. You can see some photos from the night on mine or Viv’s flickr site.

All for now, the next time you hear from us we will hopefully be in New Zealand! ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally I’d like to give an honourable mention to my current favourite cliche, one for which I have already, rightly, recieved much ridicule for using(!): “our life from now is a blank canvas


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8 responses to “Farewell Sheffield”

  1. Rach avatar

    *adds ridicule just ‘cos that’s a li’l sister’s job*

    I was gonna try to make your sunday bash but even with the fast train from Luton to Sheffield, it would’ve taken 3 and a half hours and then the same back again in the evening. I doubt you would’ve appreciated me turning up, saying hi, turning around again and getting back on the train. Or more likely arriving, spending an hour lost in Sheffield trying to find the pub and leaving again!

    I expect lotsa blog entries! Need to catch up with what you are doing seeing as my life is dull at the moment. I have dyed my hair blue, just highlights but still. Haven’t told the ‘rents yet!

    Have a brilliant time!

  2. Sev avatar

    Ha ha! I did that when I was at Uni, electric blue. With my complextion I did look like i’d expired a couple of days ago. Sure it will look much better on you!


  3. Robert Hazelby avatar

    Blue hair?! I just wish I had hair, let alone the opportunity to actually do ‘something’ with it!

    I’m still a little shocked to hear that you’re both living out of two rucksacks. How on earth do you decide what to take and what to leave behind?

    Where are you guys planning to spend Christmas?

  4. Rach avatar

    The only problem is my hair had to get bleached so the dye doesn’t stay very well! I bought some of the stuff the hairdresser used and tried re-apply but so far all I ended up with was nice smelling hair. Plan B involves more dye. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Higton avatar

    So did Hobson never go on a learndirect basic literacy course? How can you go away never to return for a while? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have a fabulous time and if you want to swear in Spanish-speaking countires, use “cojones”…

    Missing you already.


  6. Dad John avatar
    Dad John

    Who sang it’s gonna be a Blue Christmas!

  7. Nige avatar

    Good look both. Not sure I could put all my necessary equipment (PSP, portable DVD player, plasma screen, DVDs) into two rucksacks ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway… travel, have fun and remember, the water goes down the hole the other way in the southern hemisphere.



  8. Rach avatar

    See, the problem wouldn’t be fitting all that. Nice 15″ flatscreen. Easy fit. The problem would be fitting in all the batteries for 18 months.