We have wheels!

We’ve bought a camper van! It was surprisingly easy and, not wanting to tempt fate, but I reckon we’ve got a good un. It’s a toyota ‘town ace’, is pretty simple with just a mattress in the back, but has a stereo and some very funky skylights too. It has been monikered ‘The Silver Bullet’, a fitting title for a 20 year old van I’m sure you’ll agree! Pictures to follow once we’ve found an internet cafe that will let us upload photos.

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Anyway, now that we have wheels we’re going to hit the dusty road and high-tail it out of Auckland and head for the hills. Auckland itself is a largely unspectacular achitectural mish-mash of mostly unispiring buildings, however the coffee here is awesome and the people very friendly. We’re looking forward to getting down to seeing some of the ‘real’ New Zealand now.

ta-ta for now, the dusty road beckons! [ed- Sev. I’m hoping that the van will kill vampires.]

J-Hob & Sev







15 responses to “We have wheels!”

  1. Keith avatar

    You can’t call it that, it’s the name of my mammachari (granny bike)!

  2. Higton avatar

    So tell me Hobson, have you got a little book somewhere on the dashboard that allows you to keep a record of the mileage you get from the van? I was much amused by the one Scott showed me in your old Beamer…

  3. John_M avatar

    Don’t silver bullets kill werewolves?

    Glad to hear you’re having fun anyway!

  4. Rach avatar

    So all they need to do is attract werewolves to kill the vampires and then kill the werewolves. It’s a fool-proof plan. FOOL PROOF. *eh-hm*

  5. Deb/Mum avatar

    Speed limit in NZ may still be 40mph, it was 30 yrs ago! won’t outpace werewolf.

  6. Andy avatar

    hi bro n viv! glad ya got some wheels of fire…try not 2 run over sheep,they r tougher in nz n can cause serious damage! doin this on psp..lame!its slower than txting.say hi 2 any relatives ya find in the hills.have fun. the bro : )

  7. Lynds avatar

    Hi Guys!

    So you got yourselves a campervan – wicked! I hope there is space on the dashboard for Clarence the Plastic Dinosaur!

    Enjoy the sunshine and make sure you steer off the beaten track, Jasmine worked on farms out there and says there is nothing better than rural NZ for getting a feel for the place! If you see any penguins say a big ‘hello’ from me!

    All’s well in Sheffield – not been in the office much (hence my big smile!) only got 4 more days in the office before Xmas – fantabulousis! Oh and you guys got out just at the right time – hotmail/ yahoo / gmail etc is now all banned at Dearing Hosue (security reason – yeah whatever!)

    take care and have savour the freedom

    Lynds x

  8. Andy and his mate Ferret avatar
    Andy and his mate Ferret

    Ferret says on ya way down South head in to Rotorua….it’s terrific!! Eat Hoakey…tis good fish. Ferret’s parents live in cambridge

    over n out

  9. Andy avatar

    Has it broken down yet? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Lynds avatar

    you may be on the other side of the world but we still know what you are upto………………Big Brother is watching you!!!

    The little bird reports that you are roundabouts Auckland and have bumped into a certain Mark Pilling and Martin Day of badminton fame!! Well i never!!

    The world is not as small as you think! Hows the campervan – overheated yet? any switches fallen off? hee hee x

  11. Andy/dad avatar

    Yah-hey! Joining John’s folks on the blog at last. Hope you’re both having fun.

    So my first (and probably worse entry)

    Viv and John – you wanted keeping up to date with what’s going on – well – I’ve actually fixed both toilets today! This is big news you needed to know, though not sure about whether everyone else did. Anyway, let’s hope the lawn will start growing back now. Ha ha.

    Could we please have your Christmas address so we can send a card.

    Message for Deb – You didn’t get all the washing.

    Love and hugs from over here, andydad & mum

  12. Rach, not an Andy avatar
    Rach, not an Andy

    It’s official. John and Viv officially know too many people called Andy.

    We now have Andy, AndyBro, Andy and his mate ferret, AndyDad and probably two dozen other Andys just waiting to comment. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Andy/dad avatar

    You can never know too many people called Andy.

  14. Andy/dad avatar

    How do you get those smiley icons? ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Andy/dad avatar

    Ah… okay figured it out.