An update on our future travel plans

Easy all,

Thought I’d update you all on our future travel plans as we now have a better idea where we’re going to be if any of you would like to come and meet up with us somewhere around the world.

Towards the end of this month we will be flying out to Brisbane and heading up the coast to Cairns. We reckon we’ll be in Australia for about 2 months (Feb – March).

From Cairns we’ll fly to Japan where we’ll be for a few weeks and then through China and then to the rest of Asia in an undecided order.

After Asia we will head to Africa and then the final continent on our travels – South America.








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    Japan?! You swines! That place is at the top of my ‘places I need to go’ list.

    Make sure you go to Akihabara, Tokyo, and bag those cool electronic gadgets.