The silver bullet is sold!

Well hello again and a special hello to Random Stranger!

This is Viv again and not John i’m afraid. I’ve got a little less to do on the internet. As you can see from above we’ve sold the silver bullet. It is not a very good time of year to sell so we’ve been extremely lucky. We did sell it for 15% less than we bought it but compared to everyone else we did very well indeed. Another british couple sold theirs for about a quater of the price they bought it for and some had had mechanical problems and haven’t managed to sell at all. The backpackers car market recommend buyers to get mechanical checks, legal checks and test drives. These three British Uni mates just gave us a bundle of cash in exchange for the keys. Easy and all done in one day. I must admit that we did expect the van sales to be a little seasonal but not this bad. The main thing is that compared to hiring one we have saved an absolute fortune. We reckon at least a grand or two.

A special mention to the owners of the backpackers car market. They are exploitational arseholes and couldn’t give a shit about any of the backpackers that use them.

We were very sorry to see the Silver Bullet go. The new owners have promised to look after it and are going to keep the name. I hope that it does as well for them as it did for us.

Anyway, now with all of that sorted we’re off to Australia tomorrow! New territory and really exciting. We plan to spend a couple of months there before heading in Keith’s direction up to Japan!

bye for now

VivSev & J-ohn xx