We’ve gone now!

Ay up all,

The first Leg of our trip is under way! We’ve travelled an entire 10 miles to Killamarsh, escaping the blizards of Sheffield. Tonight we are formally of no fixed abode and we’re staying with the sev parents. It feels rather strange. Our entire lives in two bags. We are still living a life of comfort now, getting cooked for and helpling ourselves to a parent sized stash of booze and other goodies. Although John has already escaped a snog attempt by my Gran so I think the life of getting into scrapes has certainly begun for him.

Will miss everyone so please add your sarcastic and even non sarcartic comments onto this blog! Would love to know all goss including bad things about work because it makes me feel glad that i’ve escaped.

Sev 😉







2 responses to “We’ve gone now!”

  1. Anthony avatar

    Hah, yes. I remember the fine stashes of vodka laying about at yer folks. Pass my regards on. Is your Gran ‘still’ going for the blokes you bring home Viv, lol. Sorry to have missed your leaving do, I don’t think I would have made much sense having been rinsing it out since the Friday before! Are you going to try and catch up with the Abrams while you’re in NZ? Anyway, you two have a wickedy wickedy wick time, and report back regular ya’hear.

    Much fluff
    Ampf x

  2. Sev avatar

    Ta Ampf! Gran the same as ever! Something of an exciting passtime for her!

    Will try and catch up with Abrams if we can. Mr H is going to email him.

    Chat soon!