We made it to Auckland!

Hello all!

We’ve finally left the UK! The 30 hour flight was a bit of a killer, was sure my knees would explode. We did manage to catch the most excellent new Wallace and Gromit movie which I would recommend you all to see. It has some very clever touches and had about half the flight laughing.

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Anyway, we made it to Auckland and will spend the first couple of nights in a basic hotel until we’ve managed to find some wheels. John is looking up some very amusing vehicles as I write! We’ve also actually now read our New Zealand guide book and got very excited indeed. John fancies a bungee jump (no thanks). Looking forward to becoming aquinted with a few geysers and volcanoes, going down a cool cave with glow worms (yipee) and other outdoor activities. Can’t wait to see more Gannets, my sisters will tell you that I got a little over excited last time I saw one! It will also be nice to see some of John’s family and have an unusal christmas in the warm weather.

But for now we’re still in Auckland. It isn’t particularly inspiring but has some impressive volcanoes and islands around it.

Will update you all with the latest capers as they happen.

Bye for now

Viv & John







3 responses to “We made it to Auckland!”

  1. Robert Hazelby avatar

    Great to read that the journey has really started now.

    30 hours?! Blimey! You two really are mad. I’m sure the pain and boredom of the flight will be worthwhile.

  2. Rach avatar

    You are trusting John to pick out the transport? Ah, it’s good that you have such trust… *coughFoolcough*

    Looking forward to lots of photos! 30 hour flight sounds great. Did you only get the one movie ‘cos that seems a bit of a cheat! I think I got through about 3 movies on the way to America. It had the nifty seats with TVs in the back and you could actually *gasp* switch channels. Yeah, I’m a flight addict. I even like the food!

    The glow-worm cave sounds really cool and kinda eerie! I’d ask for photos but I think you might lose the effect a bit! Tell John if he wusses out of the bungee jump then I’ll lose all respect for him.

  3. viv/sev avatar

    John thinks it’s a revelation that you currently have respect for him! (he he). There were a few films on the flight, John watched Charlie and the chocolate factory. Ok he says but not all that inspiring….

    Will have picture up shortly.