Japan here we come!

We got bored with Australia and booked some tickets to go and see Keith early. We’re off on Saturday!
John’s researched the best airport sleeping spots in Hong Kong so we might look vaugely human by the time we arrive there on Sunday.

(Mums: Keith will be in charge of us for the duration of our stay in Japan, therefore he will be responsible for our behaviour. His telephone number is….. ha ha! Sorry Keith, just thought I might have your heart racing there for a moment.)

So, what have we been doing since John last wrote? We’ve locked ourselves in a room to judge the caption competition. There have been some major fights, i’m surprised we’re still together. Not really 😉

The best thing we did was go croc spotting last night. It was ace. There was a 2m croc called sneaky. I never thought i’d consider a croc to be cute but he was gorgeous. I think our guide was aware of this and did say. ‘Now don’t forget crocs are mean and do want to kill you.’ Aww never. Far too adorable.

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We spotted some wild Kites and Eagles that swooped down for food. We did a bit of mud crabbing too. The warning the guide gave me reminded me of my favourite quote by a person we’ve met in Australia. We were at a campsite in Maryborough and talking about Sharks. The guy said:

‘Me and them sharks have got an understanding you see, I stay away from them and they don’t come on this campsite.’ Classic!

Today we tried really hard to get a final snorkel in. No go. All trips to the outer reef are suspended and the rest of it was like swimming in weak hot chocolate. Apparently the reef around there has been seriously damaged by trawlers anyway. I’ll not start my rant about the horrors of trawling and what an environmental disaster they are but i’m biting that lip hard! Anyway, at least we tried to snorkel and we got to see some excellent reef and fish on our sail of the Whitsundays. show_random($num=4, $tags=’MissionBeach’); ?>

Much love to you all!








2 responses to “Japan here we come!”

  1. Mary avatar

    Hey Lovelies

    How’s it going? I see you have arrived in Japan and have started freshening up. Great photo Viv – made me and Tez laugh lots. Who’s have thought baths could be so small!

    Tell us your first impressions of Japan then.

    Much love, Mary

  2. Sev avatar

    Hi Mary,

    Aww little Tez, I do miss her so. I miss her scampering around on those funny three legs and the daft noises she makes. Hmm….

    Details of Japan posted soon. It’s taken a little getting used to here. A tad different to Australia and very cold. I believe it’s Hobson’s turn to write a post but he was lodged agaist the wall. I just turned around and he seems to have fallen asleep. We had an enjoyable evening last night.

    Take care you and send my love to Ed and the two little furry characters.

    Viv x