They appear on the north island again!

Hello to everyone!

We’ve been up to all sorts since the last post so i’ll try to only include the details you may be interested in reading about. Hmm

We’re back in Taupo now and will spend the night with Ros and Tony again. It’s a really nice unexpected visit. We’re also meeting John’s cousin Ian for lunch tomorrow. Well, the reason that we’re back up here is that there wasn’t much of a car selling market down on the South Island so we’re headed to Auckland to put the Silver Bullet up for sale on Saturday. Once we sell it we’ll be off to Australia. We’re really looking forward to trying out a new country as we’ve given NZ a very thorough inspection.

So what has happened since last time? John did another bungee jump today making me so nervous that I was forced to purchase and consume beer. He has a lot to answer for!

We kayaked the Milford sound just over a week ago. It was beautiful and certainly the least touristy way to see the sounds. Hard work though. When we sat in our double Kayak the guy that dropped us off laughed and said ‘They call em divorce boats you know!’ As most of you know, a divorce is fairly high on my wish list so I wasn’t scared of that! However, there was something in it. Only one person can steer and so the other only gets to row until their arms drop off. Unhelpfully it is impossible for the steering person to hear when the other one tells them they’re going the wrong way or would like to see something. Fun fun fun. It was really, although being the non steering person I was guilty of the occasional paddy. He he!

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We stayed in the most excellent campsite! Full of pretty sorry looking morris minors and monty python toilets. You’ll have to wait to see the pictures! It also had an ancient games room full of very amusing devices including a table football with a practically square ball. We really enjoyed it there!

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We’ve been looking at penguins too although not in Dunedin where you might expect. The commercialisation of bird colonies in Duneden made me want to puke. Had a nice satisfying rant about that one. We appeared a little further up the coast and went to see some tall yellow eyed penguins (one of the rarest in the world). They’re my personal favourites, very handsome chaps. That was the first time I’ve seen a penguin in the wild. EXCITING! John prefered the blue penguins (smallest in the world at 30cm tall). There were loads of these all running out of the sea with their breasts gleaming like little fish (I know fish don’t have breasts, well none i’ve seen!). They congregated on a concrete ramp before going across the road in groups of neighbours. John says it reminds him of people leaving a pub. Maybe he was just fantasising about beer again!

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Anyway! Please wish us luck with finding new owners for the prestigous Silver Bullet.

Take care

The Jiv (Just for Mary) xx







6 responses to “They appear on the north island again!”

  1. Mary avatar

    Thanks Viv! Made my day, simple pleasures and all that.
    Penguins sound lovely and really like the pictures of Arthers Pass and the river.
    Will you be sad to see the Silver Bullet go?
    Tez says Waaaaaaaarghhh. We have bought her a basket to sleep in and some new toys – although the T-bag string remains her favourite!
    Will post some pictures soon.
    Love Mary

  2. Uncle Mike & Auntie Janet avatar
    Uncle Mike & Auntie Janet

    Hi Viv when do you fly to Australia don’t tell me as soon as you sell the silver bullet as you call it. we fly to San Francisco in 5 weeks time don’t forget if you find yourselves in that area anytime just get in touch and John will be only too happy to put you up it wont be 5 star accomodation but you’ll have a free bed and board.
    take care Aunie Janet

  3. David avatar

    Hi Viv,
    I look forward to reading all about your exciting adventures and am pleased that you asre enjoying your yourselves so much. As you know I visit your Gran at Killamarsh every weekend and we always chat about you. She told me that you rang your parents a week or so ago and was handed the phone to talk to you but was cut off after just a few seconds. I will be going to Killamarsh on Saturday so if you would like me to relay a message just send me an Email and I will print it out for her.

    Cheers, David.

  4. Deb/Mum avatar

    Delighted to hear you’ve linked up again with Ros and Tony – and crazy Ian in Hamilton too. Viv: – loved your e-mail, thanks,- and your efforts to stop JG doing another bungee jump. Glad we didn’t know about this or the free-fall at the time! Good luck with selling the silver bullet in Auckland. It’s now 11pm in UK and we’re up at 4.30am to drive to catch our flight to Crete for the Big Fat Greek Wedding! We’re really chuffed to be asked, – lovely people! Back on Monday night, -then no more hols till NZ in November! We’ll expect to hear both your praises sung again!
    If I told you it’s now 11.30 and still not packed, you wouldn’t believe I’ve taken so long to type this! Loads of love to you both, Mum xxxx

  5. Sev avatar

    Ooh! Lovely to hear from you all. I love hearing about little Tez. She’s a funny un! We sold the Silver Bullet. John will be writing a post soon so we can tell you all about it. It only took us a day and we really wanted to get rid so we could go to Australia. When we got buyers we started getting the urge to hug the SB. Our first home/vehicle together. It was good to sleep in an actual room and a real bed last night though! We’re going to book our flight to Australia today, hopefully for Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Good luck in San Fransisco to Autie Janet and Uncle Mike. The US isn’t currently on the itinery but we’ll be sure to let you know if we change our plans. Have a great time!

    Nice to hear from David! It’s a really good idea for me to email you with a message for Gran. It was a shame we got cut off, my phone card ran out. She did manage to tell me that she was jealous as she was ‘Frozzen’ as Gran would say. I’ll write you an email shortly.

    Hello to DebMum too. John has told me all about the wedding, sounds like a lot of fun, we’ll expect a report on your return. 😉 Try not to get in the way of any flying plates etc.

    Hello to everyone else too, love Viv xxx

  6. random stranger avatar
    random stranger

    And hello to you 🙂