Well, New year was certainly ‘eventful’

New years eve wasn’t quite the long-promised blow-out that we had anticipated, not unless you count having an increasingly heated discussion with a racist white supremacist bigot who was also an anglophile. A few of his choice views were that all muslims were fundamentalists, that people with white skin are superior and more prosperous to those with darker skin. Viv was a star and had some excellent responses that left him stumped and his arguments failing on a number of occasions. After that conversation had gone on for an hour or so and we were clearly not going to change his views we made our excuses and left. It wasn’t really what we had envisaged as a nw year ‘celebration’ either. After another couple of drinks in half-empty bars (the only ones that were full were ultra-cheesy and given a wide berth) we saw in the New Year at the main celebration on the beach front. There was a bad rock version of Auld Lang Syne BEFORE the clock struck 12, then a bit of cheering and celebration when the new year arrived and then a superb fireworks display accompanied by more bad rock music. Bit of a damp squib really.

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We decided to have a proper celebration at 1pm the next day when the UK saw in the new year but this was rather spoiled by the speeding ticket that I got at 12.45pm. After that we weren’t really in the mood for festivities. After an afternoon kip we felt in a much better frame of mind and eventually saw the new year in properly at 6pm with a glass of wine and continued through to bed time – definitely the best celebration of the last 24 hours and we finally felt that it was properly 2006! 🙂

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Since then we have walked the Manuwatu gorge which was not half as impressive as claimed by the lonely planet, but a pleasant enough walk none the less. The last 48 hours have seen gale force winds hit the country making driving a high-sided van difficult and sleeping in it more akin to floating in a boat in rough seas such was strengh of the gusts.

We’re in Wellington today and off to the south island tonight, hoping that the 3.5 hour sea crossing isn’t too rough!

There’s new pics up on both of our flirkr sites.


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  1. Deb/Mum avatar

    Happy New Year 2006; – the rest of it anyway after lousy start! We too,(Dad & I ) saw some jolly pyrotechnics in the wet chez Mathers.Good to know your intended plans( for changing weekly I dont doubt).
    We’re planning NZ for Nov for 6weeks, back home for Xmas. Meanwhile, off for a big fat greek wedding in Crete 3rd – 6th Feb! -Our Rhodes family who love laughing at Dad’s Greek, and like the way we’re not typical snotty tourists! (should prob use your e -mail for all this unwitty wittering stuff! Esp. the rivetting news that I’ve probably wrecked yr scarf, John in the wash. – sorry! Love to both Mum XX