A mystery prize is available for the most inventive and amusing caption for a currently untitiled photograph on my flickr site.

The photo shows John making a phonecall under the supervision of an amphibious friend. What shall I call it?

Get those imaginations to work!

See you all after our boat trip!

Viv xxx

(No frogs were harmed in the creation of this image) (Actually, we didn’t even touch it. It’s clearly a very nosey creature).







7 responses to “CAPTION COMPETITION”

  1. Nathan avatar

    “c’mon, c’mon, answer the froggin fone I need to get the frog outta here!”

    Shame you can’t see a foot tap tapping away…

    Aw, I don’t know it’s late, been a long day and I am going to bed very soon.

    Anyway, sorry for not being in touch. Things are majorly hectic here. I have been checking out the blog from time to time. Looks like you guys are doing some cool things. Really digging the photos. Interesting what you say about the people and places and not wanting to settle or stay in places. To a lot of people it seems to be the dream, moving to Oz or something.

    Anyway, take it easy and stay out of trouble you crazy kids!


  2. Nathan avatar

    Hmm, probably too many words there, how about – “froggin frog in fone!”

    I shall now retire gracefully from contact and hide my virtual self in embrassment !


  3. Andydad avatar

    Caption: John – that sneeze really cleared my passages.

    Yes, it’s gross, but there y’go.

  4. Rach/Sis avatar

    Caption: Soon the human shall put down the phone and I’ll make my move *BWHUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA* *ribbit*

    Caption: Greeny the frog was confused by the apparent mating call eminating from below the bulbous bit of the tall thing.
    *pun on ‘frog in your throat’ geddit? Never mind*

  5. Mary avatar

    “Bill, I believe our adventures in time have taken a most serious turn.”

    Hi guys!
    Great to hear more of your antics and to know you are safe and well.
    You’ve been on my mind a bit recently, think it’s sinking in that you’re not on a little trip away and coming back soon! Then Mr Ed and I played scrabble on Friday and the only letters left unplayed were JIV !!!! We took a photo to show you so i’ll put it on my flickr account. There’s some of the cats there now – who say mwarggggghhhhh puuuuuuuuurrrrrrr and i promise to email soon and tell you all the news. (works better here!)
    Take care

  6. Dr Skiz avatar
    Dr Skiz

    In keeping with my geeky sci-fi roots-

    “Phone home….! Phone home…!”


    “He says his name’s Yoda and ‘Broken down my car is…’ ”


    “The munchins of Oz were much smaller than he remembered….”

    I thank you ;o)

  7. andy/ bro/ son/ duke avatar
    andy/ bro/ son/ duke

    ‘just follow my instructions and the cricket above your head (gary) wont have to turn nasty…no funny business…you’re asking for a 12″ deep pan with chicken, no peppers…if you fail to get free garlic bread gary gets the nod…are we clear?

    Hi folks…glad all is going well, i wasn’t impressed with oz, couple of episodes of neighbours and a crocodile dundee film and you’ve got the idea..

    thanks for the postcard!!!