My first post for a while…

It’s been a while since I last posted – most of my internet time has been spent sorting other things out so not had a chance to get on here as much as I would have liked.

Anyway the last week or so has featured two of the highlights of our trip so far – caving in Waitomo yesterday and swimming with wild dolphins which was simply amazing!

It was fantastic to be in the water with the dophins – they were swimming along with me and twisting in the water beneath me, occasionally looking up and opening their mouth to me as if to say ‘Hi’! I hummed to them in the water as apparently they like that and it certainly seemed to work as I had one dolphin in particular swimming along with me for quite a while – awesome! 🙂 I could also hear their high pitched clicking to each other in the water which made it an even more immersive experience of being really ‘in there’ with them. It’s amazing that these wild creatures so willingly and actively like swimming along and playing with humans, it really felt like a privilege.

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Caving yesterday was cool. We were in Waitomo glow worm caves – there’s loads of glow worms in the roof which look like little green stars. Most of the way there were rivers flowing through the caves so we had to wade and swim down them as well as floating on rubber rings, other bits we were scrambling up rocks and through tunnels – it was a great laugh! show_random($num=2, $tags=’caving waitomo’); ?>

My internet time is running out so I’m going to have to cut this post a little short, I’ll promise to write more when I have more time.

Hope everyone’s well,








3 responses to “My first post for a while…”

  1. Mary avatar

    Wow – sounds amazing guys. Very envious. Keep em coming.
    Don’t worry – I won’t tell Tez about your new favourite animal!
    She is doing fine BTW. Will post some pictures of her soon to Flickr.
    Take care. Mx

  2. Sev avatar

    Ooh! Thanks Mary. Really missing my little three legged wonder. Tell her that she’s still my favouite aspiring human that’s actually an animal. Even better than gannets.


  3. John Dad avatar
    John Dad

    What’s a priveledge, is that a private ledge for viewing dolphins?