We’ve gone even further now!

Yes, we’ve made it down to a very snow filled coaley. Feeling very weird that the flight will be on us in no time at all. Clarence the plastic dinosaur( kindly given to me by becky) has braved the interest of two cats so far and almost been eaten by Josh the dog. What an adventure for him. Wonder what he will make of flying? Well, I suppose he was made in china (perhaps he was shipped over?) – maybe he has some travel advice for us……

Anyway, thanks to the Hobson parents for their hospitality.

Bye for now!








8 responses to “We’ve gone even further now!”

  1. Rach avatar

    Yeah, Josh and anything vaguely toy-like is utterly fatal!
    I remember one Christmas, I got mum a fake plastic caterpillar torch for her present (having got her a decent mag-lite one as the real one) planning to trick her into thinking that was her real present.
    Sadly my evil strategy was utterly destroyed when Josh the Hound sniffed out something that smelled vaguely like a toy and promptly unwrapped it and chewed it up, spreading little rubber bits all over the kitchen!
    Clarence had a lucky escape!!

  2. Keith avatar

    Quelle aventure! I’m dead jealous. Remember there are always a couple of futons in Japan for you. See you in Nihon and ganbatte kudasai!

  3. Sev avatar

    Thanks! Are you still leaving Japan in July? We really want to come and see you. Will have a better idea of the timing in the next couple of weeks. Is there any particular time that will suit you best?

  4. Keith avatar

    Anytime is ok, but I probably won’t be able to take time off work if you come in term time. Parents are also coming in Spring holidays so might be best avoided then. Probably leaving the end of July, beginning of August if I don’t get chucked out of the country before. Better not moon the emperor again then.

  5. Viv/Sev avatar

    Thanks. Will bear that in mind and have more news shortly. Just bought the guide book for Queensland. Looks quite exciting too!

    Catch you later xxx

  6. Deb/Mum avatar

    Just found yr blog – a 1st for me! Mum & technology don’t lie easily together! Tough on us to say goodbye & God bless; not so tough when we found all the washing you left behind: Takes me back to returning home after leaving you at Sheffield for 1st term; – went into yr room and collapsed in torrents, until I caught sight of Barclaycard statement of significant deficits where we had assumed giant savings! Maternal devotion out window forthwith!
    Loads of love to you both and to Fiona and Kane.
    Viv, – what’s yr parents’ surname?

  7. J-Hob avatar

    Hi Mum!

    Congrats on your first post on our blog!

    Don’t worry about the credit card bill – I have plenty of saving just choosing to take advantage of the interest free credit card deals!

    Fiona says thanks for the presents.

    Take care!

  8. J-Hob avatar

    Ah, I see – you meant my credit card debts when I left for uni!