Enough free wine I tell you. Enough!!

I have been like the living dead today so i’m suprised John is happy enough to let me loose on the blooog…..ar bugger. Anyway, he’s distracted by amusingly dubious pictures containing the adventures of Speake in Thailand. He he. We are having much fun, we must share: Have a click on this little baby!

Anyway, are you all interested in free booze? I should certainly hope so. We are! Yesterday we hired bikes to trawl around winerys all day. We did free courses of wine tasting at 6 vinyards. We also managed to get free cocktails and free gin. One of the best days of my life! It was a little difficult not to veer of the road by the end. We were absolutely shattered by the time we got back to our temporary place of residence. With the ruler on my new swiss army card (ta Kat! 😉 we worked out that we’d cycled 29km while drinking all that wine. We still managed to have one of the worst games of Tennis known to man afterwards, nothing to do with us it was the wind. He he!

Anyway, we’ve been looking at seals today. The wonder of it all!

Hope all is well back in blighty!

Much love and catch you all soon!

Viv/Sev & John/J-Hob







2 responses to “Enough free wine I tell you. Enough!!”

  1. Nige avatar

    Mmmmmm wine. Blighty sucks. When it isn’t raining, it’s preparing to rain. It’s dark all the time. Lib Dems are self-destructing. Chelski keep fluking victories. Whinge whinge whinge! Oh woe is life in Britain 😉

    Keep the pictures coming. And Viv, don’t get caught drunk in charge of a J-Hob…

    Classic ladyboy photos of Speake. Take care, N

  2. Robert Hazelby avatar
    Robert Hazelby

    Hi Guys,

    Just posting to wish John a happy birthday for yesterday (12th).

    I was actually meant to post this yesterday, but work kind of got in the way.

    Hope you had an enjoyable one. Just think – it marks 21 years since our trip to the cinema to see Ghostbusters, and 20 since Labyrinth!

    I feel old!